Q1: How long has your company been working in the Vaughan area?

A1: We have been in the business of window and door installations, since 1987. The business is registered in Vaughan, yet we have completed many window and door installations in most areas surrounding the GTA for many years.

Q2: What service practices set company apart from other window companies in Vaughan?

A2: We pride ourselves on high quality products and prompt professional installations. Our unique installation inspection is a very valuable asset to your project. Our quality control inspections exist to ensure that the installation has been completed properly. Furthermore; the quality control inspector is there to address all of your questions and concerns. He can also offer valuable product maintenance advice. Following this comprehensive multi-point inspection, you will receive our Lifetime-Transferrable manufacturer and installation warranties.

Q3: Does your company carry insurance coverage?

A3: Absolutely. We are fully insured and covered by liability insurance coverage (up to 2 million dollars). Furthermore; all of our qualified installation crews carry compulsory WSIB insurance.

Q4: Do other window companies in Vaughan carry these types of insurance coverages?

A4: Every company should, but not every company does. When choosing a reliable window company in Vaughan, it is your legal right as a consumer to be provided with proof of all insurance coverages.

Q5: Are there any installations that we can see in our area ? Can we talk to your clients?

A5: Absolutely. Many addresses in your area can be provided, upon request. Furthermore; we are a proud member of Homestars. Please, feel free to Google : Luxdoor Homestars, luxdoor Homestars window contractors Vaughan, luxdoor window Homestars installer Vaughan or luxdoor window companies Vaughan.